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  1. Accelerated


    The hype for me when KR had this update was updated instrument files cause the trailer made them sound so good. However, instead, I was hugely disappointed that NONE of the instrument files were updated in any way (unless it'll be different for NA or there was information I missed). Edit: I just read this from a forum post on mabination whoops "One thing I really don't like about the update is how they messed with the old instruments. Electric Guitar's fix is good, but they also changed instruments volume, which is not good. If you were using V15 on flute in a big party jam, reducing flute volume means Velocity value for every single track needs to be readjusted. Since V0 to V15 does not scale linearly, you cannot simply do V(x-1) for each track and expect it will work. And they nerfed Cello so that the maximum note duration is like 2.5 sec before decaying, which destroyed many good MMLs." The nice thing about this update though is I think 16 man bands are now possible lol.
  2. Accelerated

    Kingdom Hearts II - Lazy Afternoons

  3. Accelerated

    Alright! Heartcatch Precure! OP 1

  4. Accelerated

    Lost Heroes - Extrication

  5. Accelerated

    Kamen Rider Decade - Decades Theme

  6. Accelerated

    Blazblue - Shinsou

  7. Accelerated

    Paganini Caprice No. 5

  8. Accelerated

    Street Fighter - Ryu's Theme

  9. Accelerated

    Erased Opening - Re:Re: (TV Size)

  10. Accelerated

    The last MML you listened to.

    http://puu.sh/nMQGG/3ed6954107.mp3 I'm really addicted to this song.
  11. Accelerated

    Weird Clicking Sound?

    Dang...that's what I figured. I guess I'll live with it then and just finish the song lol.
  12. Accelerated

    Weird Clicking Sound?

    Basically, I'm transcribing a song using the 0 octave for guitar. It sounds fine on 3MLE, yet when I test it in game, it makes this weird clicking sound. It seems server-sided because my friends can hear it also. Maybe someone can look at it and possibly figure it out? It would be most appreciated if anyone could. Here's the bit of code for the part that's making these "cracking" noises. Just export it, write onto a scroll, and play it with the guitar and you should hear it. [email protected]+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeff+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+>eeeeeeeer4,r8l16o0g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+g+eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeff+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+>eeeeeeeer2,;
  13. Accelerated

    Nichijou OP 1 (Marasy8)

  14. Accelerated


    This is probably obvious, but if you can, play with the music. My orchestra director had told a story of a girl who memorized their violin solo front to back flawlessly, but when it came time for the actual performance, they had forgotten a chunk of the music and the orchestra had to improv for her. Other than that, don't stress too much over it. Just take a deep breath, try to relax, and play. If anything, maybe warm up with some finger exercises if you can. If you practiced well enough for the teacher to praise you, you should be fine.
  15. Accelerated

    Preview and code does not register properly

    Yeah sure, I'll send it when I get home. Good thing I didn't delete it just yet.
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