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Harps are a thing now


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I need to own one of these someday and make more compositions revolving the harp. I have no idea what it sounds like though...

Update 1: Oh wow, It's not the normal MSXspirit.dls, but in the newly updated MSXspirit04.dsl I think. Instrument number 25 "Nylon String Guitar. I'll have to log into the game and double check this!

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1) They do not seem to be in Gacha I would assume Nexon would name it in the Gacha list on their main site but they don't
2) I saw the Harp on the Trading Post
3) I bought one and I love it
4) Here is the main harp song I have
Note I heard it on a youtube video from someone on the Korean Mabi and got the name so I made it as well when I found the sheets for it

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