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A note to all Posters.

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While there are a few things i would like to say , i will make what i do say , short and compact.

1. I will say this once, and once only. Do not repost any of my Music that i have created specifically for Mabinogiworld, that i have posted on



other than those, the only other site i have ever posted on is


2. Unless you specify as to why you would like to repost( and it better be a good reason), then i ask that you do not. In the case that i do allow you, you will specify me as creator, and a link to the mabinogiworld site, specifically my thread.

3. I you'd specifically would like to see my MML's on here for whatever reason, then i will oblige, and repost it myself.

i will ask all enquirers to send their questions, and reason to my proxy email at [email protected]

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That's awful!!! There should be like a rule or somethin' saying that you need the original writer's permission to repost MMLs and you gotta give credit in the Author's Comment part! :damn:

​Don't you run into an issue if the original author isn't around anymore though?

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It was me that posted two of his songs, and it was a misunderstanding as well. @Kidousen was a member on MabiMML.co and he posted well over 100 song submissions, i sent him a message on the other site (Mabinogi World) and assumed he would join this site and when he did join i would transfer the song ownerships to him (which i already have now that he registered). Secondly i had only used two of his songs, in a test group of submissions i made at the beginning of the site before i even opened it to the public.

I have nothing to gain from stealing work, and would never do so. Im here to mediate and make sure authors are always properly attributed to. Which is why im sharing this, also it was nice and professional of @Kidousen to not start name dropping and come in blazing with accusations lol.

All should be taken care of now.


@Saito8546 I hand out the verified title at random times when i have the time to check and look at your submission history. Also, it is ok to use Midi's and then make it into an MML yourself, that is how a lot of people do it anyways considering it saves time.

@Chi and @andrewngn13: Unfortunately since we can't possibly get permission from authors who no longer even play the game all we can do is allow posting of any MML's, but basically if it isn't yours dont make an author comment saying something similiar to the lines of you making it. Also on another note, if the original author of said song joins the site, they can easily report the submissions and show proof of ownership to get the submission transferred into their user account. (One way to verify for instance is to show the original saved 3MLE file's creation date) However other than hard proof like that, or having it posted on another site first originally verification can get tricky after that. But we do what we can..

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