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  1. andrewngn13

    Can't find a song

    I'm certain that the song from Yumina the Ethereal - Transire was submitted at one point to this site, but I can't seem to find it any longer. Can anyone find me with helping out what happened to it or is the search function not working too well?
  2. andrewngn13

    Rewrite OST - Philosophz

  3. andrewngn13

    Overlord - Clattanonia

  4. andrewngn13

    Spice and Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu

  5. andrewngn13

    SSR Applications

    If it prevents us SSR from looking like this, I approve. -slinks back into the shadows-
  6. andrewngn13

    Deemo - Suspenseful Third Day

  7. andrewngn13

    what your birth signs say about you

    "IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS JUNE 30, you are most comfortable in home surroundings." ....I think they're watching me.
  8. andrewngn13

    And suddenly...bankruptcy.

    Sometimes my raid group just isn't around to raid, or we all feel too lazy to go kill Girgashiy. Good thing Saga 1 Episode 3 still throws out money with little effort. /doll bags and hydra all day
  9. andrewngn13

    Spice and Wolf- Ringo Biyori

  10. andrewngn13

    Looking to get a Celtic Warrior Axe

    If you can find a giant broken emblem and the manual, I'd be happy to make one for you.
  11. andrewngn13

    Vocaloid- Lost One's Weeping

  12. andrewngn13


    -a rare ssr member appeared- Hello and welcome to MabiBeats.
  13. andrewngn13

    Let's Start a Story~

    then someone hit the world reset button which
  14. andrewngn13

    Mabinogi Goals

    ​Alchemy and cooking really boosted my stamina.
  15. andrewngn13

    Mabinogi Goals

    Mabinogi goals(Alexina: andrewngn13) -r1 my combat tab -Adonis fishing set -Finish enchanting thames set -Create music buff/production quality set Bhafel Guard set creation Master engineering Gather money for mabi fan creation art Cartel 67th Floor my blue Demonic lance and reforges it Not necessarily in that order.
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