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[Fulfilled] [Request] Touhou 7 Stage 4 theme: The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky


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ive been looking for an mml for this song for effectively 2 years now. ='( no ones made it yet ='( id be really happy if someone could actually do this for me.

Composing Rank 1. preferred instrument: Flute. heres a youtube link:

below ill also give a copy of the original midi in case you need it. if you want anything else please dont hesistate to ask =D. and i realize this is a complex song so feel free to arrange it so that it will actually work in mabi. been trying to figure out 3mle for the past few months but sadly im tone deaf ='(

thanks in advance ^_^


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I going to work on making it a full jam >:D

Edit: I retract that statement, I will leave it to the professional MIDI users. Couch just blew my mind and my Jam just don't compare to it :c.
I will wait for the Sheet Music if you can get any. Maybe you have another song request that I can do? Like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

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