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  1. NemoOceansoul

    Symphogear: Superb Song

    this song is kinda simple and short. but i dont know the first thing about how to really make anything that could remotely sound good. ^_^; to whoever decides to fulfill this: thank you.
  2. by that do you mean owo; that its already done? if so where may i find it owo?
  3. =D thank you! =w=; and if its to hard to tune to flute for whatever reason feel free to tune it to another instrument. but itd be nice to have it for flute.
  4. ive been looking for an mml for this song for effectively 2 years now. ='( no ones made it yet ='( id be really happy if someone could actually do this for me. Composing Rank 1. preferred instrument: Flute. heres a youtube link: below ill also give a copy of the original midi in case you need it. if you want anything else please dont hesistate to ask =D. and i realize this is a complex song so feel free to arrange it so that it will actually work in mabi. been trying to figure out 3mle for the past few months but sadly im tone deaf ='( thanks in advance th07_08.mid
  5. NemoOceansoul

    hello ^_^

    thank you for having me hopefully awesome awaits
  6. NemoOceansoul

    Whats Your Strategy for Getting AP?

    for me i have done this. recently it seems nexon has given everyone 6 free character cards (or at least i got 6 free ones not sure about you) made 3 of them into various aces then did the basic "level to 100/exploration to 100" each rebirth (now weekly). that AP rolls off to another character as well such as your main and you basically get 200ap per ace per rebirth =3. thats how ive done it. may be useful for you as well.
  7. NemoOceansoul

    hello ^_^

    hello all and welcome to my introduction post . on here ill be known as nemo (no not the disney fish). im just a gamer and lover of all good music. ive been hunting down an mml for a song for the last year and not once someone has made it so i thought id come here to request it. nothing really much to say other than hi ^_^/* i generally also like to help others both ingame and otherwise so if your ever in need of help on tarlach give me a shout =3.
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