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Alright, how do all of you get patience for writing MML? I write MML but I don't have the patience to fully work through it :aty:

So write down here how you work through to get to the end of the sheet music.

Maybe this will help MML composers make longer and more complicated sheet music. Help everyone out (By that I mean me) :brushing:


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Oh man, when I'm in the mood to make an MML, I won't take a break until it's done. lol

But anyway, I do the same that Aly does, no surprise. I try to make it sound at least 90% accurate, and keep the original length of the song if possible. The only thing is that transcribing the bass clef of a song is a pain for me... :dark:
Either that, or I already have a sheet that I want to turn into an MML. It's the same process with both though.

Just going to say this: MuseScore is one of my best friends. :blush:

...And I still have three songs that I want to make by the end of the month... Ah, procrastination at its finest. x_x

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I hope you like the songs you compose. Like really really like them, because you're gonna be listening to those for some hours.  I used to try to do songs some friends requested, but I could not for the life of me get into the songs they liked.  It was miserable.

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What they said....for me it's a matter of listening to the song repeatedly and plonking on my keyboard a bit while typing it into 3mle. I can't read sheet music (Yes i have tried to learn it by myself...it just is like some alien language to me) so I have to do all my compositions as Kurama said 'the hard way'. 

But yes, pick songs that you don't mind hearing over and over. Because to sound check you'll be listening to it a lot, even to just get a final edit done to ensure that it's going at the correct tempo with the correct basic sounds and rests. But also to add to advice, sometimes putting your own spin on the song can be quite fun. I quite enjoy making a piece flow the way I want it to rather than sticking strictly to how the piece's composer wrote it down. 

PS. Patience? It's not patience! It's addictiooooon~

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Embrace the music. Listen to it until you know each note by heart. :banzai:

Well, part of it is that I used to practice an instrument for hours a day... so I kinda built up patience, but the key is to really like the music, try to find something new in it... like something you never really noticed before, and not to do it all at once. Come back to it after you listen to some other pieces... or after you get it stuck in your head or something. I usually smash my piano for an hour and decide, "THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WRITE." and write half of it... then maybe a month later, "Oh. I can't get it out of my head. Let me just finish the other half."

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