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Mabi's Merchants - Your experiences.

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Post your experiences both as a merchant and as a customer.

Personally, I never really had too much of a problem as a merchant myself. I almost never get any flack, and part of that is that I'm always open to any offers, even trades. And because of that my wares always sell decently to some degree.

My /really bad/ experiences mainly come when I try to buy something from someone else. Jeez, can some people be so greedy to make an extra buck. ._.

Not naming names on my most recent example because it generally isn't right to do anyways. But rest assured it's not anyone here.

>sees a 1.5m enchant protection potion
>asks to buy it for 1m
>"just buy it"

I've had my fair share of poor merchants, but this one takes the cake. Not only was he rude about it, but he broke the #1 rule of Merching that I've followed for 6 years now, and should practically be common sense: Keep an ear/eye out for any offers. He had a guaranteed buy waiting for him, and he didn't even bother to try and compromise. Needless to say, an hour later, i found someone else selling another one, I lobbied for 1m, and he was OK with it. I bought it from him. The previous merchant lost a customer for no reason, lol.

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There are always bad merchants. It's what you'd have to expect in an MMO. Not everyone behaves rationally. Personally, I don't think I've ever been a bad customer or seller. I always take offers seriously, even if they aren't quite what I want. It's always good to have a backup buyer in case you absolutely cannot find someone buying at your asking price.

One thing I noticed you didn't mention is that some people want cash only. In my opinion, cash only trades in Mabinogi sometimes close the door to really good deals. One time, I was selling a Karis Wizard Suit a few years ago when it was still pretty rare and expensive. I was having trouble selling it for the gold price that I was asking at and I also wasn't too fond of item trades at the time. However, I gave this one guy a chance who wanted to meet up and show his  items that he wanted to trade for my Karis Suit. When he started shoving things into the trade window, I was amazed. Although it's been too long to remember what he actually put in the trade window, I can clearly remember that the entire window was full of items, each worth at least 1/4 the cost of the Karis. I thought he wanted me to pick and choose a few of the things, but he actually wanted to trade THE ENTIRE GOD DAMN WINDOW just for my Karis. In the end, after selling the goods from that trade, I think I ended up with twice the gold I was expecting to get initially.

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Hmm...not sure if this goes here but I have been irrational and impatient in the past with 3 major sales I regret to this day.

  1. I got an Avelin wig really early when the price was starting to go up to 10-20m. Unfortunately, having seen a 5m one in the housing board, I traded that, Blue Azure wings, and 1.6m for Blue Diamond Wings. FML.
  2. The first day the Valentine Gachapon came out, I got a dragon gem. Fearing it was useless after realizing it wasn't an actual pet, I sold mine for 5m thinking people would find it stupid and the price would drop. I was wrong when I found out it could go up to at least 15m. rip.
  3. Lastly, the first day of the gachapon revamp, I managed to snag myself a Battleborn (F). This time around, I thought I was doing alright as I asked someone familiar with prices if selling one for 12m was good and they said yes. Little did I know the stupid outfit was worth at least 15-30m. >_>

Don't even get me started on MapleStory.

TL;DR - I'm awful with prices.

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Hiya Pokemonhero1 Here :happy:


For me as a merchant I always deal with customers and sellers and I usually end up with pretty bad people. I never been scammed and a pray that I never do <3. I usually sell NX but I usually go to Belvast time to time to find items (You know those Items worth 5m but they forgot a zero so it's 500k Yeah, I buy that c; ). Though I find customers who wanna trade I am not always up to get more items but when I willing to I will listen to them fully out. In my experiences there's always that person who will offer lots of items but not worth the same usually less then the item I selling. I also find scammers from time to time, Like I was offered 5m per 10k and I was selling 25k so I'd make 12m but the way I sell I put the code in a Music Score and name it the amount of NX in it. It's hard finding people to do that kinda trade but the people who have done that with me know I sit there and wait most the time and I always give them the asked amount. There's a lot of signs for people who try to scam

1) Claiming to be someone important

The person that tried to scam me told me on another character he was someone important but if that's the case then why're they NOT on that account?

2) STRONGLY try to push their method on you

This person wanted Code First but I told him with a deal like that it's not gonna happen and he kept insisting till I kicked him out of my HS

3) When they try to get credibility through people

This person asked a person I knew and I knew that person scams too also I guess he didn't plan it out because the friend just supported he was a scammer

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I feel like im one of those people that... will fill a trade window with semi expensive stuff :aty: I gave up like 35% of my inventory for my penguin robe which soon became obtainable after fishing event  :escape: and after that I dumped alot of stuff into a trade for a pumpkin bat oufit, andd then I remember after that I traded for a piano and like RIP my inventory... 


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It doesn't really matter if it's common or not. If it's in high demand, people will tend to price it higher.

Fine Reforges are common. You see them everywhere. Does that mean their prices are suddenly 100k each? Nope. I still see them at 5x that price even with the event going.

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:01145202-2-4A95:As a common merchant  I usually have to deal with some difficult customers during my days, one time I had a total of 6 people stand around my stand and curse at me just because I was selling music scrolls with songs on them. It by far was the most pathetic display I had ever seen, because as we all know they could get the codes for free by searching the internet, instead of attacking me.:01145202-2-132Q9::01145202-2-20N18:

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I haven't done many big sales,but the one I did do was so nerve wracking, I dread the next time I see something expensive for sale that I want.  ^^;  I wanted the odd-eye belisha support doll, and I really can't recall what I paid for it, just that it was all my liquid gold.  All of it.  I had only a couple hundred left after.  *gonk*  And it was done with a check, so I had to have the check fee, and I kept thinking they would decide it wasn't worth it...   ^^; I don't usually want things so bad, so it was a bit of an odd experience for me.

The only other thing I've been wanting for a long time is one of the 8x8 shop bags like the devcat or vocaloid ones.  I never used to sell things, so when they came out I was like, pff, whatever, but now I do... and *sigh* they are never available.  Someone had one like right after I bought the Belisha doll, and I was like, o:  *points* D:  *points*  D8,  and cried a little inside, but I was still very happy with the doll.  ^^;

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