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I've pretty much given up Elsword and stayed true to Mabinogi. That whole thing about stamina I heard about somewhat deterred me also.

​The stamina thing, that's understandable why someone would quit, but I think they added it in so people couldn't no life the game, plus when you get to like level 40-50, you won't really be running dungeons that often (or playing that often), and it's unlimited on weekends.

I played as Aisha in beta for a title and then a bit when Eve was released, haven't touched it since though.

​Wow you haven't played in years xD.

I used to play... I kept getting motion sick... :hahaha:

The last character I played had those fox tails...? I think there was another new character after her, but I can't remember. It's been so long.

​You mean Ara? And the character they added after her was Elesis I think (or Add) I forgot.


I had a Veteran Commander Raven, a Infinity Sword Elsword, and a Rune Slayer Elsword.

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