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So far I think the good ones for this time around will be:(inhales) 

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (or in other words: "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" To which I would say of course not <3)

Show of Rock!! (Too cute pls nerf)

Kekkai Sensen (pretty dang good animation and action) 

Plastic Memories (Lots of feels and appeal in a sci fi setting)

Owari no Seraph (Main character seems to be an Endymion twin so hell yea.)

Those are the notable ones for me off the top of my head (might be missing some). What say yall?

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Ever since a friend introduced me to the visual novels, I was sorta let down with the 2006 anime and 2010 movie.  Thoroughly enjoying Ufotable's take on the UBW route so far and can't wait for more.

Gotta have my have unnecessarily prolonged animated foodgasms with Shokugeki no Souma.

And a blast from the past, Digimon Tri!

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I would say DxD, but then again, I still love Light Novels > Anime

Then again, out of the 47 seasons that's being released, Fate/Stay and Dungeon ni Deai has my most undivided attention.

Will still try to watch most of them

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I think the only one I'm looking forward to is "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" and  the second season "My teen romcom snafu"... and possibly "digimon tri". But knowing me... I probably won't watch anything. I think the last anime I watched was mekakucity actors and that was very painful in many ways.  //probably shouldn't have watched while taking 20 credit hours and working :aty:

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Gotta have my have unnecessarily prolonged animated foodgasms with Shokugeki no Souma.

​Ehmagerd yes, that one series that can make me hungry whilst I'm in the middle of eating. :'D

Other than that... I'm shamelessly excited for the next season of Log Horizon. Yes, the second one was quite slow at times, but it's really looking up in my eyes.


So yeah.


(Also excited for a fairly few visual novels that involves one of my favorite VAs. But that's neither here nor there.)


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I saw that foodgasm one as well. Funny stuff right there. xD

I'm a stranger to VN's actually. Maybe someone can introduce me to them? :o

As long as it's mysterious and not just straight slice of sandwich/cliche fanservice stuff I'm down. 

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I need to write down a spreadsheet of what comes out on what days so I keep keep track of everything. Nyaa just gets so messy when trying to get downloads.


Currently I'm in love with Plastic Memories. Out of the non continuations this one has resounded the most with me so far. Danmachi was good as well so looking forward to that. I watched Kyoukai no Rinne yesterday I think and it will get a few more episodes although it seems pretty generic I'll give it a bigger chance. Kekkai sensen was decent, will continue that although it doesn't seem like it's going to be anything special just a fun shounen ride. Show by Rock was entertaining although the CG bothered me. I'll continue to watch it for the cute that it brings. Arslan Senki set up a great plot, we'll have to see where that ones goes. The new Gainax anime Houkago no Pleiades made my day yesterday. Within the first 30 seconds I fell in love with the soliloquy about stars and people. Nanoha Vivid is a must watch as well as UBW but you know those are continuations. Re-Kan! and Seraph of the end will be continued by me as well nothing too notable about them other than enjoyment.


I'm still looking forward to watching Digimon Tri, Etotama, Grisaia no Rakuen, Punch Line, Sidonia no Kishi, and Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo. It's turning out to be a pretty good season so far.

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Yeah, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, Plastic Memories, and Owari no Seraph are really good so far.  Denpa Kyoushi seems interesting enough, I've only seen one episode so far.  It's about an anime-loving NEET scientist who gets a job as a physics teacher; he seems to have a sense of humor.  Tried to start Punchline, but I couldn't enjoy it with all the ecchi (pantsu shots).  I just started Ore Monogatari today and I gotta say that I can't wait for the next episode.  It's about a tough-looking (intimidating) tall guy and his best friend, the guy that gets all the ladies.  His appearance is scary, but his facial expressions are hilarious and he seems to have a kind personality; I'm looking forward to how this anime plays out.

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