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  1. ObviouslyOblivious


    I know I'm really, really late, but welcome, fellow pianist! I do hope you'll have fun with the (fellow) crazy.
  2. ObviouslyOblivious

    Hi owo

    Welcome to Mabibeats Star! Don't worry about the lurking, I do that too. ...a lot. My inner swede demands I send you a moose back, so there. ╩╩ ■ .. ■ ╩╩ Once again, welcome!
  3. ObviouslyOblivious

    A wild Vulpix appears~

    I might be late to the welcome, but no matter! I do hope you'll enjoy your time here Pix, please don't mind the crazy. Welcome!
  4. ObviouslyOblivious

    Hey there!

    Greetings and welcome to the crazy that is MabiBeats! I bring a gift in form of music about a wolf. (The title actually reads "Wolfgirl" - it's swedish.) I fear my track record on Mabi cornerning marriages and the like is nowhere as impressive. (Or perhaps it is in its own way.) I had one marriage and one kid on the old EU servers, that's like 4 years ago now. Eh. Anypoodle, do hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Once more, welcome!
  5. ObviouslyOblivious


    Welcome Riv! Hope you don't have a peanut-allergy, if so, stay clear of the peanut-gallery. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  6. ObviouslyOblivious


    Welcome to the crazy Mer! Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
  7. ObviouslyOblivious

    Praise be the Musical Gods!

    Heyo! I'll be looking forward to seeing you around and about!
  8. ObviouslyOblivious

    \o/ hello!

    Welcome to the crazy, Dino!
  9. ObviouslyOblivious

    Nostalgia Attack! (2015)

    Ehmagerd yes. Much eargasm, very nostalgia, so wow.
  10. ObviouslyOblivious

    Anyone Know pervanon?

    Take a screenshot of whatever conversation is taking place and send in a ticket to Nexon about it, other than that I strongly suggest just ignoring the troll. Whatever you do, don't feed the troll. That's probably one of the first rules of the internet. Instead, make a voodoo doll and reenact this, Or, you know, if you feel the absolute and undeniable need to respond, do so politely with proper grammar. For some reason that never fails to make them trolls mad. Counter-trolls win! Sorry, I had to. Pls dun hurt me.
  11. ObviouslyOblivious

    Hmm.. hi?

    Welcome Zero, I do hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  12. ObviouslyOblivious

    Reiyul of Alexina

    Welcome to MabiBeats Rei! Don't mind the peanut gallery and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  13. ObviouslyOblivious

    Hi there o/

    Welcome Omni! I do hope you'll enjoy your stay here, after all, you're amongst fellow bards! It also seems Winter stole my customary comment about the craz -uniqueness, here on MabiBeats. But I digress,
  14. ObviouslyOblivious

    Why, hello. And oh...goodbye

    Welcome to the craz totally sane and not at all wierd community that is MabiBeats! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  15. ObviouslyOblivious

    Nice To Meet You All

    Welcome to the community Macro, hope you'll enjoy your stay. Also hope you don't have a peanut allergy. Ahem. *Looks at a few certain people* So yeah,
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