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SO! What's everyone doing for the holiday?


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Get a pet, if possible.  They always make that sense of loneliness less lonely.   I was down sick last night, a hair still this morning, didn't stop my widdle fluff ball from keeping me company, made last night a tad more tolerable.  

Well Christmas day it's straight to my grandmothers for a big family part, we are holding Christmas again at my mothers on New Years for my parents/brothers etc etc.  Outside of that, nothing special planned.   Though I might watch Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 on Christmas Eve, I used to do that but stopped.  xD

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Let's see.

-Barely any food
-Barely anything to drink.
-A crappy computer and mobile device to be browsing the net on.
-Barely any money (all of it is going to my new laptop, which apparently has been delayed yet again)
-Lots of getting my hopes up and quickly getting dashed.

Actually, to say this entire month has been a struggle for me is a massive understatement. I can't look forward to 2016 any sooner.

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go to the rub and tug.

lmao, gg.

@BeastExe Wish you luck, mate.

@Blargel Same for me now, but that was different a few years ago. And I agree, screw those happy couples.

@Lachesis All the positives, I envy you. ;-;

@Jisa I agree, it feels like the year went by too fast...

@Falaflame Even though I'm not enduring anything like that, I can understand your struggle. :ll

@KuramaVII Because why not, right? Wish my laptop wasn't crap though so I could play it.

@Cima I already have a dog, and she does keep me company which I enjoy lots. :D
Idk, I just like the sense of having a significant other, getting to know another person and forming bonds, being there for one another, etc.
...I'm a complicated person.

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