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Long since earned my first year anniversary title. I have been playing forever =D I love music, and I love being a bard in this game. You guys have such a wonderful library and I hope the community is just as good. Also I am technologically incompetent when it comes to social media, so I might not be able to figure out if i'm being talked to on the fourm BUT I SHALL TRY! >:U

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HEY WELCOME HEY :D I'M POKEMONHER01~! I'm a Song Submission Reviewer and MabiBeat's Concert Coordinator. I noticed you're in Tarlach~! Sadly, (for now) we only have concerts in the Alexina Server. If you get the chance drop on by Alexina for our concerts.
Well I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you're an active guy because we have a lot of members but only a handful do anything on these forums.

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If you have been on Tarlach for a while i'd bet you have already seen my bard o 3o im usually channel 4-5 dunbarton

Maybe. o:
I haven't been on playing for a few months because of school. Only getting on... or attempting to get on for these attendance events. x_x
I usually sit around channel 5 if I do decide to do something. :py05:  

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