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Animenz is just God-Like

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Animenz released a 400k sub special video.

The song he transcribed was COLORS (Ik its a little over rated.)

But his version was just soo rich of imagination! Dynamics, Style, Fingers, Agility, and most of all, the Arpeggios!

From beginning to the end of the song, there's soo much feel into it!

I was astonished by this transcription, its jaw dropping.

#Animenzislife :banzai:

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Kazi~! How is the vacation?
Anyways this is amazing I never heard the anime opening before and I must say I like it. This Animenz is very talented since can you see how fast he was moving his fingers all over the place? Most anime piano covers usually (not always) change tempo drastically since they're not that good at playing the song so it usually ends up being slow or eventually becoming slower then the song was intended to be.


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