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  1. I can only provide the sheet music, I do not mind if it needs to be a party jam, Thank you for your assistance! https://musescore.com/user/25424/scores/61216
  2. Solodarkness


    Warm Greetings from the western States of the united... Wait what? Anyways Welcome!
  3. Solodarkness


    Pretty great song, Doesnt sound off at all to me!
  4. Solodarkness

    3ML Download corrupted

    I downloaded the 3mle yesterday/ this morning, to see if any harp files were updated to it. They were not. I run on windows 8.1 and it worked out fine, I extracted the files to a folder on my desktop and it worked fine.
  5. Solodarkness

    Want to see a game MADE FOR PROS!

    That is pretty amazing, wow.
  6. Solodarkness

    [Fulfilled] YMCA!

    Its amazing, Great job! >.> you should put it under review ^^
  7. Solodarkness

    [Fulfilled] YMCA!

    Hey guys I have a request of a classic! I am surprised its not anywhere to be found I would greatly appreciate this being made, Ill provide the score. https://musescore.com/user/54162/scores/71852
  8. Solodarkness

    [Fulfilled] sans secret room

    I can help contribute to this. https://musescore.com/user/5215761/scores/1495481 but as the vid description says its at a slower pace.I dont trust my self with trying to make an MML of this sorry there are far better people here for that.
  9. Solodarkness


    thank you =)
  10. Solodarkness

    [Fulfilled] Invincible-World Of Warcraft

    http://mabibeats.com/solos/videogame/world-of-warcraft-invincible-r1582/ It wont be the best you have ever heard. It is a tuba and has chorus to it which is not easily heard. I am no master, if anyone wants the midi file i can hand it over.
  11. Solodarkness


    Welcome indeed, Now lets dance!
  12. Solodarkness


    =o Hi Honestly didn't read anything before i posted. Ill answer questions as they are asked. I've played Mabinogi on and off maybe 3 years? I love playing the game for the music aspect, it made me do more in game to obtain it, i hit R1 playing and composing to play all my favorites. I am a Pisces i create dumb patterns when i speak from my subconscious I have lots of spelling errors And i will stop doing the I thing, My favorite colors are blue and black, sometimes white, I have only played as a female once to test a chorus i attempted to make, i am not good enough at music to create my own music or to create by ear. So yes im a Midi person. not a good one either. I play on Alexina which i will sometimes call Alexandria idk why its the first thing that comes to mind. Yes i can be an asshole as well as a sweet heart depending on the day ^^ or -.- is how you can tell. Now as i go to fix some of my spelling errors and grammar any questions class?
  13. Solodarkness

    World of Warcraft - Invincible

  14. had this happen to me too, i was on my piano in dark knight form, I transformed back and was randomly in the ground at tir, and the same thing with aoe pets happened. I went afk and found out some guy was playing with me
  15. Solodarkness

    Vampire Knight Still Doll

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