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  1. I'd like someone to do a solo version of this :'D Thanks! Sorry if I can't have 2 request topics up at once, just delete the other one if so
  2. Can anyone make this into a scroll for solo for Piano or Mandolin? ;-; thanks in advance if you can do it, if it takes more than just one scroll I have a 3 and 5 version of the Jabchiel Music Scroll but I'm not 100% sure how they work Dx
  3. Bump 'cause I still want this OTL
  4. Can anyone make this an MML for solo? ;-; Thanks
  5. sans

    [Fulfilled] sans secret room

    thank you for that solo
  6. can anyone make a 1p version of this? thanks
  7. wow papyrus calm down, i just don't have the heart to work. thanks for the welcomes i will enjoy this place lol
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