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I don't understand what is means when the equipment and weapons I try to give my butler says it has to be made exclusive....

Why cant I give my weapons and clothing to him...    I checked the wiki but its indirect and has info on gifts, actions, quests, and chat the I cant do with my butler.  Im confused so please help me.

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Partners can only wear regular clothing, so no clothes that have to be repaired by Fleta for example.  Any kind of armor and magical clothes are a no go.

As for weapons (with the exceptions of bows, xbows and guns, they can't use them anyway) they can only use one handed weapons like say a broad sword or a celtic royal hammer.

Any personalized items (like say solodrake-only item) cannot be gifted because it belongs only to you anyway.  Anything given to a partner becomes exclusively theirs, so you cannot try to remove what you gifted to them no matter what (except when using a Partner Trade Unlock Potion or by right clicking the item and permanently destroying it). Either they equip it or it sits in their inventory.

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Chat has to be on so you can click your partner to talk.

Should look like this when you talk to'em.

Should look like this when you select gift.

If you've already gifted your partner this way or requested a present (only works at high disposition) then the option(s) won't appear.

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I wish I could screenshot what I see but I can get it to work.  The thing I see is like when you right click a pet and you see all the things like feed pet, skills and so forth...  I don't even have a disposition meter is there should be one....  :I

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You don't gift a partner through the right click menu, you have to chat with them to have the option. Make sure the chat option is on, you'll know when you hover your cursor over the partner and see a speech bubble like you see with NPCs.  Talk to your partner like you would an NPC.

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Before you do the mistake like many of us did that trusted the wiki 100% : don't tell them you ''hate their gift''. under any circumstances.

you'll regret it. 

The wiki tells you exactly what happens if you say you hate it though. -100 disposition, +30 stress, chance at an extra "special" gift.

The disposition and stress part is mentioned in the table about disposition and stress near the top of the page while the special gift part is mentioned within the gifting section. I suppose splitting that information is pretty confusing though.

I'm defending the wiki because I'm also a moderator on there.

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