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Hamelin's Tuner Stuff

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So apparently, you can have 100% success rate with playing instrument if you played a solo (good for those piano solos!)

But the real kicker is only the main person starting the jam has to have it. I need to do more tests, but I did it with a friend and all 3 times we did a jam band, they were 100% success.

Will update results later lol.

Update #1: Eh...doesn't work as I had anticipated. Good thing I did more tests but still...disappointing. I probably should have remembered earlier that the friend I tested with had MK and PL rank 1. After a painstaking 1 hour, I got some mules to just the bare minimum to get Jam Session. Then, I played the jam and...well...the results were not what I expected. The mules were not able to play the music at all haha...I guess this  means that it won't work with just one sadly. I apologize for the mis-information.

Unless there was a mistake in my experimental setup, I think it's pretty much gg. Hamelin's Tuner even more useless than before gah. Potentially, maybe they had to be apprentice bards since the accessory requires Apprentice Bard or higher, but I highly doubt it.

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