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[Alexina] Emain Concert 6/27/2015

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You know it's that time of week again~! We of the Somnium Guild in Alexina call apon all of you amazing bards (all bards are amazing bards)~! We hope you come and play the songs you of so diligently have been working on~! or the MMLs you happen to like and came apon in your lifetime that you oh so ever enjoy~! :lovelove:

Alynnia probably has something yet to reveal that is sure to be spectacular :mlfy:

Hate to be the bard after her :iamdead:....again....:kiddy:

Though the concert won't be held until 6/27/2015, and I am no one to ask this from all you amazing people.

Let's Celebrate the man who everyone ask if he's gone, that everyone loves, and that everyone wants to be...Viersell~! :blush:
Today on 6/26/2015~! This man was born~! That's why I hope you help me dedicate this concert in his honor
(maybe not the whole things but everyone who knows him I hope will do something for him)
So raise your wine glasses (or apple juice boxes if you're not old enough) and let us have a toast for him~!

5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

Channel 6
Emain Macha Stage


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