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Everything posted by XuetankBoi

  1. XuetankBoi

    mordhau Lutebot

    So......that Mordhau lutebot system XD..ive tried turning some of the 3mles into midi and playing on there.....some of them songs work but its gotta be simple songs XD pretty funny tho
  2. XuetankBoi

    Goblin Slayer - Rightfully

  3. XuetankBoi

    Final Fantasy 15 - Somnus

  4. XuetankBoi

    Final fantasy 15 Somnus

    FINAL_FANTASY_XV Somnus_Instrumental_Version.wav
  5. XuetankBoi

    Final fantasy 15 Somnus

    ill try to make a jam session version but ill be sure to make it Duet able too :3
  6. XuetankBoi

    FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - Truth

    felt the emotion! :3 great job!
  7. XuetankBoi

    Your Lie in April ED - Wacci (Kirameki)

  8. XuetankBoi

    Community Goal: New Composer Program

    you know what'd be very cool? if the new program composed like how Vocaloid softwares work(which is basicly click the note and drag to the length you want) XOXOXOXO!!!! thatd be AWSOMESSSAASASA
  9. XuetankBoi

    Community Goal: New Composer Program

    not much but ill donate some too XO!!!!
  10. XuetankBoi

    Linkin Park - New Divide

    beautiful :3
  11. XuetankBoi

    Naruto ED - Wind

  12. XuetankBoi

    Whisper of the Heart - Country Roads

  13. XuetankBoi

    The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - Main Theme

  14. XuetankBoi

    Berserk(2016) OP

  15. XuetankBoi

    Clannad - Dango Daikazoku

    very nice :3
  16. XuetankBoi

    Vocaloid - Rolling Girl

  17. XuetankBoi

    Hatsune Miku - Hello How Are You

  18. XuetankBoi

    Homestuck - Heir Conditioning

    Beautiful man QwQ.....
  19. XuetankBoi

    The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - Ready?_

    Beautiful man QwQ.....
  20. XuetankBoi

    Asura's Wrath - In Your Belief

  21. XuetankBoi

    Fallout 4 Theme

  22. XuetankBoi

    Help tempo sync a Jam

    dam mkoy QwQ but if anything ill just try to sync them up first thanks YALLS!
  23. XuetankBoi

    Help tempo sync a Jam

    So I've been struugling on this for ages now and i can't seem to make it work!! in the jam there's a tempo change that heppans in the 3mle it works fine , buuuutttt for some odd reason in the game all the parts fall apart and become out of sync pls help! QwQ FFCCWindv12.wav FFCCWindv12.mml
  24. XuetankBoi

    PSA: 2,000 Submissions!

    congratz you guys!!
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