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Describe yourself fun!

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Try to describe your life using multimedia, and gifs.

This is basically me most of the time...

work animated GIF

And here is me when I try to get on my computer before something comes up..

reaction animated GIF

And here is me when I finally have time to play....

dog animated GIF

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My regular disposition is anywhere between all of this.


I'm not too good with meeting new people or starting conversation in general.


and if for some odd reason if I'm the one to do the greeting, I feel like I'll be received like this.


Dancing is funtimes.


Accurate communication is hard to achieve sometimes.


And then there's the times when I say the things I don't mean to or fail to notice crucial details due to obliviousness.


And then there's the people who just make me want to quit for the day.


But at the end of the day.


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this is pretty late and i'm probably resurfacing this but it took me so long to find these gifs.

Neil degrasse tyson's gif basically sums up about how I feel when I do or get something really hard to get in mabinogi and how I feel (the Fox HD one)



I'm also an ass to my friends and I'm surprised I have them, and when I talk about stuff this is usually my relationship when i'm talking about something inappropriate.gif138.thumb.gif.a361cfd5ad469a7d0a4442d

I have a couple morals ones that I've created or discovered in anime for example panties-in-your-heart-anime-no-rin_o_432

also i have a super negative one that everyone gets pissed off at me for saying and it is totally hypocritical after I'm posting here and doesn't have a gif but here it is, "when someone says they are something, it isn't really what they are, but what they want to be." Riamz ~ 2015 (I made that up and it sounds pretty philosophical)

Also this is how I feel about channel 1



then I realize I can't actually punch them.

this is me and my teddy bear when i feel emotional (you never outgrow that sh*t don't lie)n7CEmwq.thumb.gif.cdeac86c5b4d023cf5e45e  

and I cry a lot in movies especially in family dog movies, I watched "Oddball" recently and I cried in cinema


and something that I don't tell many people but I'll tell my favorite community I spiritually Identify as John Cena and John Cena is my spirit animal.John-Cena-2.thumb.jpg.898d6066c87bf1a149

also Gunther is my Idol and I am Gunthersexual




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