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Games which Allow User Generated MMLs

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Hello everyone.

I would like to know if there are any games besides Mabi and MS2 which allow us to enter our beloved music in-game.

Looking for something new to play, basically.


Also, this might be a not so subtle way of finding who are still regulars in these forums, and to strive for more communications/bonding.

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Sadly there are not many out there. :[

The only ones I can think of:

Mabinogi | MML
MapleStory2 | MML
Archeage | MML

Minecraft | MML with the Instruments Mod 

Starbound | ABC Notation
Lord of the Rings Online | ABC Notation

Shroud of the Avatar | ABC or MML

Guild Wars 2 | Macros / AutoHot Key Script to play individual notes (Limited)
FFXIV | Same as above

Rust | Same as above but also accepts Midi input which you can simulate through a midi loop to play more advanced songs.


Let me know if I missed any, I can't think of any other ones. @Lachesis

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