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Reiyul of Alexina


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Hello there ;x

Name is Reiyul, and while i am not greatly in tune with music composing on Mabi i am soon to learn, with many thanks to Himesenshi for getting me into it and helping me understand such.^^.

;x not sure what else to say though feel free to comment/reply xD.

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:hi:Heyo Reiyul! Welcome to Mabibeats! :bingo:

Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here amongst us internet loonies, and maybe even learn a thing or two! :hahaha:

Good on Himesenshi for bringing friends! :happy:

Why, hello.


hope you will enjoy your time here


An oh...goodbye


Hellooo~ o/

Nice to see another upcoming composer like myself. Looking forward to seeing some of your MMLs. :bingo:

Enjoy your stay here at Mabibeats! :D

Welcome to MabiBeats Rei!

Don't mind the peanut gallery and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


​Thank you all ,much appreciated!, and Omnicity  same to you! good luck.


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