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Hi there o/

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Hiya guys, my name's Omnicity. People call me Omni or Om though, sometimes Nomni. I prefer Bran though, since my real name's Brandon. :P
Piano's my instrument of choice, both in Mabi and irl, so most of my MMLs that I'll post will most likely be recommended for... I'll let you guys answer that yourselves. xD

I'm in Alexina, usually in Tir ch5, so if you see me, feel free to say hi. o/
People don't seem to like me though, I don't know why... It makes me feel bad. ._.

Well, there's my short intro. Looking forward to posting more songs, as long as I feel like they're decent enough. :)

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Heyo Omni~ Welcome to Mabibeats!:bingo:

You should head over to ch6! More fun! :hahaha:

And I'm sure we'll all like you here at Mabibeats! After all, we're all likeminded music loving goons and goofs! :happy:

Enjoy your stay with us! Looking forwards to seeing more of your work! :byeb:

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Thanks for the greetings guys. :blush:

Hawk: I actually didn't start composing until a few days ago. I've transcribed a few songs in the past, but never really composed songs into MML format until then. :bingo:  I'm enjoying it more than I thought though. xD

Alynnia: Hehe, I originally planned on submitting, at most, 8 songs from Deemo, but I might add more later on. 

And hellooooo Greg~ o/ It's been a while. :P You've got quite an amount of songs, I must say.

Anyway, thanks again. I think I'll like it here~


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