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3MLE MabiBeats has been updated to Version 4!

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Hi All,

Our version of 3MLE has been updated to Version 4, which along other things brings it in tune/line with the Music Q patch. Massive thanks to @Blargel for updating it this time for us. You can find the new version on the download page here, The filesize is smaller than before (148mb instead of 366mb) but you will need winrar, or something that can extract .rar files to open it. Reveal the spoiler contents below to see the change log, or view the change log on the download page itself.


- Old Instruments have been updated to reflect Music Q Patch
- Tuned Instruments Added: Flute, Whistle, Violin and Cello
- Electric Guitar, Violin and Cello sound have changed:
        - The distortion effect no longer sounds awkward for guitar
       -  Violin and Cello sounds cut off earlier than before (Same goes for Tuned Versions)
- Harp no longer needs to go to o0 as all the sounds have been shifted up 1 octave, so o0 -> o1 -> o2, etc.
- Bass Drum's o2 d+ is no longer a different drum sound.


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