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  1. Title says it all. I put in the idea god knows how long ago, and while we can sort by all the categories of music there is, with more being added as time goes on, God forbid I search for MML's for my electric guitar or Music box. Some things never change ?
  2. Herostar

    The Great Anansi - Dark, Darker, Yet Darker

    Rank NA first score :c
  3. Herostar

    Rule of Rose - A Love Suicide

  4. Herostar

    PSA: 2,000 Submissions!

    <3 And this site deserves no less~
  5. Herostar

    Vocaloid [Kaito] - Kagefumi

    Fantastic! Another pleasurable cello score~ I've a solar glory cello, and not nearly enough love for it owo
  6. Herostar

    Pan!c at the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

    I sung to this o///o Pretty good MML, and very on-tune with the song.
  7. Herostar

    Hamelin's Tuner

    I hope to have one one day :<
  8. Herostar

    The Hunger Games - The Hanging Tree

    Wonderful and somber piece. I'll definitely be adding this to my collection.
  9. Herostar

    SSR In a Nutshell

  10. Herostar

    Brinstar Theme from Metroid

    I have this mml, Nino made it. And I mean REAL Brinstar theme, from the first games. Ask me for the MML ingame, You know me and I know you
  11. Herostar

    Pokemon RBY - Pallet Town (Cello)

    You were right, it is good @[email protected] Thank youuu, all of you have made my solar glory cello Glorious Edit: I think the tempo is juuust a little too fast, though. If you manage to slow it down, it'd be perfect.
  12. Herostar

    Bach's Prelude

    Fantastic show, good sir. And another cello piece for the happy herostar @[email protected]
  13. Herostar

    Nisemonogatari OST - Imitation

  14. Herostar

    Why do cellos go unused?

    To all the people who are stating the note length issue: Duh. That's no excuse to make songs that have a cello in it FOR OTHER INSTRUMENTS. Christ, so many songs perfect for it, Squandered, wasted, and depressing.
  15. Herostar

    Why do cellos go unused?

    Seriously. There's like, no MMLs for them. And they sound so good, why are they so left out?
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