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Same here. I also went through all your 1 p submissions and couldn't find it, so it seems like it isn't in the database.

Edit: You're correct about "Re:Zero" though. For some reason neither "Re:Zero", "re" or "zero" brings anything up, while the rest of the title like "hold my hand" for example brings up songs from Re:Zero. We'll look into it!

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@Kyubeii I ended up opening a ticket with Invision Power to see what was up about search and unfortunately it's not something i can just flip a switch on or change in a file. It's because for MySQL/MariaDB (The Database) the word "zero" is actually a stop word which means exactly as it sounds, So it doesn't even bother to search it really.. And "Re" is because it is only two letters long, but three letters are needed to begin a search lol.

Technically some improvements can be made to this with full text searching, and changing the search table type but that would also require me to upgrade the entire backend database version which is a bit of a process and not something I am willing to do at this moment due to working on Anime Nexus. Sorry, looks like we found a weird edge case here! (As usual, we always find the weird ones)

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