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mabinogi Community "the song"?

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Just a random question, since i've been away from mabinogi for a while, I had some tech difficulties and I can't bring myself to send nexon the required files so right now im just lazing around playing starbound, which is really fun in adition converting music from midi takes like 2 seconds compared to, mabinogi's hard way :P but in saying that the community, only has a couple of song packs for people that are too lazy how to work out to convert stuff, which lead to the undertale sound pack, in starbound undertale is the most overplayed thing on servers it's terrible q¬q so I was wondering since i've been rather disconnected with mabinogi recently, is there a "popular song" out atm in the community, something like when bad apple was a thing? just for future reference for when I join eventually! so can start to complain straight away, Kudos!

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I hear a lot of different songs in my server, and sometimes a few of the same ones. I can't really name "the song", but I'd say "the song" would have to be some anime opening or something. I still see newbie players, who seem like they just started barding because they can make any song. They seem to play overrated anime songs, like SAO songs. So yeah, I'd say "the song" would be some sort of overrated anime song.

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