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3mle converting issues


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So, i'm a bit stumped. I got a MIDI of Metal Crusher, but for some reason, 3mle really doesn't want to recognize all the notes of a single track. It absolutely refuses to register each note that does exist in the file. It works perfectly fine in Musescore, to compare:



There are visible gaps and missing notes in the 3mle one starting at the second measure, while musescore has each note flawlessly inscribed, without pause. 

I did try to convert the track into multiple MML track option, but the result was the same.

Anyone got any input on why it does this? This is the first time that this happens to me. aty.gif.e4148b7cc27f71b67f22052bef79877c


EDIT: Nevermind, i'm dumb, it was just a matter of quantization settings.

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