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What would be awkward?

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Yesterday while I was playing mabi I ran into a new player in Dunbarton and had a conversation. We talked for hours on scenarios we would hate to be in, and then it got me thinking maybe I should post a forum on this topic! What would be the most awkward and uncomfortable scenario you wish would never have to experience in mabinogi. giphy.gif

In mabinogi, my main character Wolfboy60, I admit is actually quite notorious among women. He has a numerous amount relationships that I believe now totals to over 100 female players. He has been married 11 times, and also has been divorced 11 times to boot. One of my worst nightmares is one day entering a town and having all my ex wifes, girlfriends, and lovers, all be in one place and greeting me. The sheer tension of all their cold glares would make my blood freeze, not to mention the amount of awkwardness It would cause me too feel.

I could not find a image to fit the moment but potentially this is the feel.


A lot of stares of cold death aimed at you lol.

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What would be awkward?.. if I still played.

Having some sort of fame in Mabi and people approaching me because of it.
I don't want to have fame because I don't deserve fame. I don't want stupid rumors about me either...

My second ex re-adding me and wanting to get back together even though she cheated on me constantly with other guys on other MMOs.
That would be horribly awkward and pointless.
She tried to break up with me by telling me how much she wanted to be a trans... I still don't understand why she couldn't be straightforward. Luckily, I gave up on her a month earlier because she hardly talked to me.

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@Endymion0, if you have nothing to really share for the thread, as is clearly the case in your first post, then there's really no need to post.

@tanino, I dunno what tone you intended, but you mostly came off as an asshole.

@both of you, don't make me lock this thread. Don't need to reply to this post. Just stop the derailment.

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When people don't give constructive responses and then you can't continue the topic, gets awkward really quickly :'D

When I first meet you that was how you where fyi. xD

an awkward moment for me would probably be if I was one of those girls staring at wolfboy.....

Riamz, come on we ALL been there ;)

An Awkward moment for me is when you want to talk with people and they cut you off coldly since I wouldn't know how to approach them later or how long till I should wait to approach them later

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mine just happened to me recently as most of you know me and a another composer here on the site broke up, and like clockwork my ex before dating dex reappeared in the game and messaged me, hounding me..... my ex (not dexo) without a doubt is the most creepiest person I have ever known or met and that's saying something as I have met alot of crazies in my vast history with Mabi.

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