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Funny Glitches

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I have a pretty easy and obvious one that I didn't personally discover but i'll tell you guys anyway, if you go on an angle with either the maid carriage or the wagon from commerce you can make it go up the dunby gateway, i'm not providing a picture because i'm to lazy but it should still work.

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I have other glitches here and there but I thought to show you a few bits:


When you experience lag and you think it's still loading but they actually stayed that way in game and it's quite frightening.  



I was hoping to fall through the empty space but....alas...


: ( Nothing.




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if u want a funny glitch all u need is a giant with trans , step 1 : get a tower cylinder
                                                                                      step 2 : build that thing up 
                                                                                      step 3 : use trans while using the cylinder 
                                                                                      step 4 : enjoy beeing completely invisible ( canceling the cylinder does not revert the                                                                                                      glitch but the end of trans does ) 


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