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[Alexina] Concert 8/15/2015

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Time for the Concert in Alexina ;)
Let's be friends and let's be family :brushing: and let's hang out and be the Barding Community we are :hahaha:
The location is Emain Macha, Stage
channel: 6
Time: 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern
Sorry this is short but I got a low battery since I'm on my laptop and my Router isn't working properly.

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to bad im not on server alexina i could make one but i'm not a bard on there i wish i cond comp and perform 

i made a person on alexina someone just has to give me all the composing books and musical knowledge books  

Again. You shouldn't expect people to hand things on you a silver platter. It's a bad habit asking for assitance is different but expecting everyone to pull you weight and get you 2 skills to rank 1 without you trying to do work is asking a bit much. At least try, I don't mean to be mean but it's a bad habit.

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