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Can't Post A Song ?

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Like usual i completed making a song out of a midi then tried to post it on the forum and i got dis


First I Got this Error with Song session now i got it in both MML Code  and Melody  3812b31bb051f8190b694fa9dfb44aed2f73e781

How i am suppose to post my song without MML  and Melody lines Mythra_Emo_HP04.png

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I would suggest you go to word and do a search for symbols like !@#$%%^&*()_+-=\|][{}~`.,/?
most of them require you to shift then click a button but it is possible you accidentally you where still holding the shift when you where placing a < or > it's even possibly you click the > and ? at the same time since for me they're right next to each other. Also for me when I make an MML I click enter a lot since I do that for each bar in sheet music and I know it doesn't like that

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Well i use + - & < > In my song to change pitch and length and i alway make 3MLe to Optimize all the tracks 

here the MML code of the song

[email protected]<agedl4<<ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+4c>cb+<c>cb+<c>c4ddddddd1.v12a4b>ced1&d4.<g+4ab>dv15<<a4a4ab+4aag+4gf+4>d4<g1&ggb>dg2l4e<ee8<gf>eee8f8e8>d<dd8<ag+>fel8dc<b>>b+2b4.a2<<a4a>dcc4cccc-cd4>>dddddddl4<e<ee8<gf>eee8f8e.dd8e8f8fe<a+b>d8e2d.c2<al8b>cde4f4dccc4c4cc>>ccn70cccn70cccn70cd+cn70co3ggggggggfcn34cccgco6ccn70cccn70cccn70cd+cn70co3ggggggggfcn34cccgc2l4>b+cc8ggfel8dc2<bbbl4>agfed8cgl8eeea+aggfff4ef4c+&c+32c+.c+l32&c+c+8&c+c8.c+8&c+d+8&d+d+8.d+8&d+d+8&d+c+8.d+8&d+f8&ff8.f8&ff8&fd+8.<g+8&g+>g1l8ab>cdef+gg+agf+ag<gdc-cc-cha>f+f+ed+4d+ag<eef+gf+gag4f+4>agf+ag<gdc-cc-cba>f+f+ga4b+4b2daaaaaaaagf+ag<gdc-cc-cba>f+f+ed+4f+ag<eef+gf+gag4f+4>b+bab+b<dddddd>dc-aaal4>cd+eev13l2<gedcl4ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+4>c+cc+cc+c<a+gfdfl4g&g.ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+4<c>cb+<c>cb+<c>cr>cccc<bag1,r1v12o2ggfgl8gfga+l4b+a+>c.c.c.l8<ddddddd>c4.cl4c.<fff8f2b.b8b.>eee8e2<a.a8g8gf+f+f+8f+1&f+1&f+g>c.c8c.<fff8f2b.b8b.>eee8e2<a.a8g8gf+f+f+8f+2g.g8g.g2.&g8g>c.c8c.<fff8f2b.b8b.>eee8e<ea.a8g8gf+f+f+8f+n18g.ga8b8>ccc8c2<cccccccccl8cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4cn22c4c<a+1&a+l1>adgcc+dl2bf+b+g>c+8l32&c+c+8.c+&c+8c+8&c+c+8.c+8&c+v4l16dddv6dddv8ddddv10ddddv12dd1&dl4cde<ba>cdd8c8c-d+e<baa8>c8ddc-d+e<ba>cdcc-d+e<bl8ab>cc+l4ddcde<ba>cdd8c8c-d+e<ba2>dl2dc-e<a>dc-e4dc<bal4ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+4>c+cc+cc+c<a+gfdfg2&gl4ggfgl8gfga+l4b+a+>c.c.c.l8dddddd<g1,r1v13<ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+1r4.>dddddddv15e2el4<gf>eel8efed2dl4<ag+>fed8c8c-8v13c2<b.ag+g8f+>d<g1.&g1.r.al8b>ced1r4.<g+4ab>dc1.&c2c2<ar1.ro6e4cdef2o3a4b>ced4>>d4c-cde2d<<c-cdf>b+2b4.a1r<e2d4.c.l16>cdefgab>cdefgabb+c1.r2d+1l4.dd+4r1.rg8rl2b+.r1.r4<cc>f8e8c4<ddd>g8f8e4r<erc+r1r1l8<c+&c+32f.g+32&g+>c+&c+32f.g+&g+32a+1r1.<gr1r1r4.>>gf+gag4f+1.r1.<<g4.ddddddd2.r1r1r4.>>ab>cc+d4d4r4l2<d+ecdd+v15o3g4>dc<bal4ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+4>c+cc+cc+c<a+gfdfg2&gl4ggfgl8gfga+b+4a+1&a+4.>ddddef+g1;

 It works fine in 3MLe (maybe not sound good cause i just organize tracks from midi not musician thoo)

but in mabi. It mess up around Meas 48 Like Melody line go a "r4." a head or something which is really weird Tuz4.gif

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Have you tried posting it unoptimized? 3MLe optimization is great but not perfect, there may be some leftover characters that were "forgotten" that may mess with the coding overall.  Would you be willing to share the code to have it looked at?

Edit: In 3MLe you should go ctrl+F and find the symbols Pokemonhe01 mentioned, plus some L's, V's, and O's, in case optimizing left these without a number in front of them.

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Going through the coding, you had an 'h' inside.  While in 3MLe this registers as a 'b' note, h is not a valid mml character. Just go into your melody and make the change. Hope this helps.

Edit: I tried submitting the song myself with the change, it worked. But I edited out your song so don't worry about it.

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It's Saito's song
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