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Sabina's All Server Concert Results!

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Hello everyone! Sabina has recently posted the results for all the winners of each server in her music concert!~

Hello Milletians!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our 2nd concert event! The results are in and it is time to announce our winners. Congratulations Everyone!


Mocchichi, Okamierokun, and Reveka

Aulcard , Desiredwish , Abram12 , Lyricana, and Azama





Naxos, Arianamue, EMTchibi, Ivelia, Kneeshot, and Teana


Canarysong and Vurgsong





Viersell, Bluechickadi, Omnicity, and Pokemonher01

Lucentt, Ryuinazuma, and Zephirine

BONUS WINNERS - Kymiraa and xninjabluex

**Please verify that your band is properly noted so that all prizes go to the proper people.**

Cicada will be handing out our random prizes soon so keep an eye out! Hope to see you all at our next concert!


 Congratulations to all the bards in all servers! :happy:

For more information or if you all want to look over the forums, here is the link below.


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