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So Who Would Try To Impersonate Me? o -o

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So I logged back in last night for the first time in a long time on Mabi~

To find 2 notes~

One was an apology for something I don't remember and another was something that seemed kinda important that this person wanted to talk to me about.

So I added that person and we talked a bit but she says she already figured it out and that it was someone was impersonating me trying to get me banned? o -o

And Endy really thinks it was me, since she's a friend of Endy and Petal's. = 3=

So we talked for a bit and then she mention Mabi Beats which I kinda registered for when someone suggested me to sign up for it but I never really bothered to check in since I was at a very important moment in my life at the time~ x)


Btw! Hi guys! I'm Zarozian that Endymion is so fond of! I look forward to getting along with you all! Including Endymion~

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\(^~^)/ Hope you have fun in this fun community :bingo:

Everyone has fun in the community regardless if you're a composer or not, a poor composer in my case a very slow composer :aty:

but the music is so good :happy:

Hope you'll stay with us~ :byeb:

​Err....well I don't plan to stay long.

If you are familiar with me or the forums on the official Mabi page you would know I get along with Endy like fire and water~ =(

Love your bubbly personality btw~ It is justice~ = 3=

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Fire and Water, whether you behave like that should not dictate how long you should stay with us :bingo:

Besides sometimes the opposites make an amazing combination and variety is what makes this community all the more fun. So stay if you want :cowboy:.

But we'll be sad if you go :escape::cries:, Shocked :freez:, and maybe a little mad :damn:

the choice is yours c: :byeb:

but please make sure it's your decision :brushing:

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*Embarrassed face*


What if I told you I did?.....Before it was justice....it was.....



"The Power of Love!"  x)


But this was 8 years ago......how do you still remember me? Do you know me? o -o


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