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3MLE Maple Beats Edition Updated (Drums added!)

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Hi All,

Since the update came out that added Cymbals, Snare Drum, and a Bass Drum I have updated 3MLE to add these instruments plus the Celesta and Recorder.

The drums in-game only play 1 note sound, no matter which note you play. To try to mimic this function I have locked the drums in 3MLE to their corresponding notes in-game. Normally with drums you can have a little bit of variance in the sounds, or since this is digital use pitch bending to achieve the same function.

Nexon has opted out of this method so the drums have been locked to their 1 sound. Unlike in-game where you can play any note to hear the sound, you must keep your notes on the right note in 3MLE to hear the drum sound. The drums have been locked to the following notes:

Snare Drum: D2
Bass Drum: C2
Cymbals: C3

When viewing the drum in the instrument list, it is also included in it's name what the notes need to be.


These sounds are originally in the drum kit. I extracted them from the drumkit dls and spliced them manually back as individual instruments so they can be selected correctly in 3MLE.

We can see here how it sounds, as long as they are on the right note as in the video:


You can download the new version of 3MLE Maple Beats Edition on its usual download page here.

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