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  1. Ranmza

    Turok - Port of Adia

  2. Oh boy, it's going to be a little hard to make the drums sound good for me. Did they say when they'r going to add the instrument into the game?
  3. Ranmza

    Tekken 7 - Infinite Azure for Piano

  4. Ranmza

    Support to More Than 15 Tracks?

    Oh, that's nice. I hope you guys can make it
  5. Sup guys, I have guild in-game that one of the main focus is to make and play music and I'm it main "composer". I grab some midi from the internet and convert it to the game format. The problem is, I have a lot of musics that have a hell lot of tracks, it's like 20+ tracks, and since the 3MLE only support 15 tracks it make my job a living hell to propor adjust the instruments just right. So my question is: will 3MLE have support for more tracks? It's possible to configure something in it to add more tracks? Thanks
  6. Ranmza

    Deltarune - The World Revolving (Duet)

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