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It's happening. Five Night's at Freddy's is going to be on the big screen, and its going to be directed by the same guy that made the ring and the grudge. 

Scariest game ever turning into scariest movie ever? COUNT ME IN.


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The hype.


The hype.


This can either end very well or very badly. The audience will already know the content and all of its subsequent plot twists; the real question will be in its execution.

The director's going to have to really sink deep into that claustrophobia, spoon-feeding use that sense of helplessness of being trapped the same way Scott did. Of course, I'm going to expect more than that, but that angle has to be really, really highlighted.

Also, opening betting pool on what ethnicity Mike's gonna be. My money's on Yiddish.

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I was honestly hoping the game would end up like Slenderman and just die about a year or two after it was made, and nobody but the nerdiest freaks would reference anything from it.

But... this? I'm crying in shame.

​Welcome to Capitalism, where we extort the fanbase to the point of domestic abuse.

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My hype decreased a little upon recalling that hollywood does tend to butcher up video game based movies....But Scott is working with them so there's still hope.

​Let's take a glorious look at the BOOMING SUCCESSFUL movies based off of video games.

Super Mario Bros
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
BOTH Street Fighter movies
Mortal Kombat
Double Dragon
Silent Hill

I mean not all of them were hollywood films, but damn dude.

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Please, when I was watching the five nights a freddy three trailer when I saw freddy I legit for a second thought he was a cow excreting cash... but this... I mean I played the first two and I'm not one for scary games movies etc... yeah I felt frightened but they weren't that scary....nnow they're making a movie.... :cries: what have we done to deserve this and in my opinion its way overrated, but hell its popular for a point and click:cowboy:don't think I'm going to see another in aloooonng time.


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