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  1. Avereious

    [mml_thing] An mml automation and conversion tool

    Just used this today and propagate_t totally made my life a little easier on a song. I totally appreciate your hard work!
  2. Avereious

    Dark Souls: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  3. Avereious

    Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze

  4. Avereious

    Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

  5. Avereious

    Hollow Knight - Mantis Lords

  6. Avereious

    Going from midi to MS2, including tempo changes

    Great tutorial! Just a quality of life tip, when you are merging two tracks in 3mle, you can utilize the Export/Import buttons for MML. They are on the top toolbar next to Append/Remove Track. Export MML from the "secondfile.mml" in 3MLE, the tracks that you want to merge with your main file. You'll only be able to Export 3 tracks at a time. In your "primaryfile.mml" opened in another 3MLE instance, Import MML. Click Append tracks (or Create New Document if you are breaking up an already merged piece into parts) Select the instrument you want those tracks to be Set the name Import Repeat until you have everything together (or apart). I find this to be very quick and painless, though there is nothing wrong with doing Select All > Copy > Paste since I still do it sometimes, if you got a Violin part with 6+ tracks, it's very handy since you can set the instrument and just a few clicks, you got it merged/parted.
  7. Avereious

    Final Fantasy X - Mount Gagazet

  8. Avereious


    Hello everyone! I'm glad to have joined the Musical Nexus community! I've been playing Maplestory 2 for about a month now and the biggest part of the game for me has been the music, so much that I think most of my in-game time is spent playing/making music over playing the rest game. I've been bringing my own music choices into the game for a while and now I'm willing to share what I have and learn from others so that I may one day be transcribing music that hasn't been done before! I am Avereious on Discord. I plan to eventually use a name change voucher in game.
  9. Avereious

    Dark Cloud - The Daily Life

  10. Avereious

    Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island

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