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  1. this 3k was the closest i could get to the video, also there is no way to turn a mp3 into a midi without it sounding like a complete mess Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms.ms2mml
  2. Indigo001

    Final Fantasy XI - Ronfaure

  3. Indigo001

    Request: Final Fantasy XI Ronfaure

    here is a 10k version FFXI - Ronfaure.ms2mml
  4. Indigo001

    Hollow Knight - Mantis Lords

  5. Indigo001

    Darling in the FranXX ED5 - Escape

  6. Indigo001

    Shokugeki no Soma OP2 - Rising Rainbow

  7. Indigo001

    Gintama OP1 - Pray

  8. Indigo001

    Done: Gintama Op1 - Pray

    here you go, i think guitar sounds closest to the one for made for mabi, i didn't try all of the instruments though so i might be wrong, it fits on a 3k score Gintama - Pray.ms2mml
  9. Indigo001

    League of Legends - Neeko Trailer Theme

  10. here is a 6k score i made a while back but never converted it to ms2mml One more time, One more chance.ms2mml
  11. i don't think there is a way to shrink the video size, also here is a slower version of the opening since the tempo was a bit off in the video God Only Knows.ms2mml
  12. Indigo001

    Request! Chrono cross OST

    I have done Star Stealing Girl and Orphanage of Flame done, both of them are on 3k music scores, but they are both duets. Orphanage of Flame (part 1).ms2mml Orphanage of Flame (part 2).ms2mml Star Stealing Girl (part 1).ms2mml Star Stealing Girl (part 2).ms2mml
  13. Indigo001


    one 3k coming right up Neeko.ms2mml
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