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  • Website Maintenance and ADirtyCouch Retirement Announcement



    Hey Everyone,


    Website Maintenance

    Edit: Website Maintenance is now complete, no hiccups have been found during my testing.

    If you find anything wrong with certain website sections please let me know right away.


    Hello Japan

    I just wanted to throw in a quick shout out to all of our new Japan visitors, I am not sure where our website got shared at but for the first time ever Japan has taken the spot for #1 visitors to our website for this month. Japan is at 2.6 million visits this month and rising while the USA is at 1.9 million.

    If you are a native Japanese speaker, that can also speak/type English well then please send me a private message on here or in Discord if you would like to contribute translations for the website so that system text can be in Japanese if the Japanese language option is selected.


    @ADirtyCouch Retirement

    Couch has now retired from the website after years of service. Couch started as an SSR (Song Submission Review) team member and worked his way up to being a website administrator. He has helped me through many situations and issues with the website as well as provided answers and training to volunteer staff and users.

    He has a busy real life currently and has not been able to contribute to the website for some time. He asked to be moved to the retired role, and as of this post he is now in the retired staff group.

    If you also have appreciated Couch's service to our website send him a note and let him know!

    User Feedback



    It's always been nice to see @ADirtyCouch around, hopefully you get to come back eventually! Good dude. :py05:

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