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i made a character in Alexina and need bard books

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You do realize that ''bard books'' is not only composing, but also musical knowledge?

And some of the ranks do not require a book either, for both skills.


And you do realize that those books take a long time to get? Especially at later ranks. I don't think anyone would conveniently have all of them on hand to simply give away.

You could probably do g1/ Saga I on the daily days to get the money needed up to r9; its pretty easy to get there if you have the funds. PLus you get to train your character. Two birds one stone.

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I don't know you should try getting them yourself :x. I personally, don't think it's right to just ask for the books at least hunt for them or make money to buy them.
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Also that's a lot of money. My friend Lizvetta joined Alexina and besides finishing all generations before her Style tab ended I believe she also hunted for the Composing Books herself with very little assistance. I know the ones that come from Exploration Books she did all by herself

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not very polite, no.  but yes I agree, you aren't likely to get them for free - they're not the kind of thing that is "big for me but peanuts for someone richer", as a lot of things are in Mabinogi, the higher-level Bard skill books are hard for anyone.  Also, many of them aren't tradeable at all, like Nele's wretched Composing Rank D book, which I'm currently trying to summon up the willpower to get myself!  So you'll definitely just have to grit your teeth for those...

When you get to the stage of needing Empty Bottles (Musical Knowledge rank something or other) though, you can normally borrow those if you ask around, as they can be reused as often as you like. 

Musical Knowledge F to C and Composing F to E, C to A and 5 to 3 you can just buy from NPCs, though they get expensive at higher ranks (the last Composing books require Ducats, by the sackful).  Where are you up to so far?

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