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Special Reforge Event Weekend

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Seems very fishy.

"Hey guise! buy our most expensive item on the webshop for a *rare* chance to get a higher rank reforge! So is it above Rank 1? Or higher chance to get Rank 1?

Either way, I think this is a huge scam and a sad excuse of an event.

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Well, it isn't necessarily an event. Also, it's the exact same price as Fine Reforges. I personally think they work better the Creden's Reforge. I only used 1 stack and was able to get my Accessory to r1  and my Gloomy Sunday too not to mention Playing Effect 20. I've tried to get PE20 before and these work exceptionally better. Though it's NX that is your decision whether or not to spend money on it. I don't want to be mean but it isn't right to criticize these reforges without using them. I've use all reforges and none work better then these "event" ones.  I think we should dedicate the reset of this forum to experiences with these special reforges so people can decide if they want to buy them or not.

I got r1 Gloomy Sunday with PE 20
and r1 Tuner Accessory not a good role but Imagine getting 2 r1 items with 1 stack it's quite hard I've had to use multiple stacks of Fine or Credne's just to get 1 item to r1

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