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Mabinogi Concert (Alexina)

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5 PM PST/6PM EST to 6:50PM PST/7:50: EST

Be there or be Square :D~! We invite you to come in an orderly fashion to play your music with us~!

Griefers, Trollers, and PVPers will be blacklisted~!

Come play the music from all generes and see how your music stands with others~!


BEWARE: Alynnia80 always writes music that will make anyone NOT wanna go up following her.

Your Host Will be: Viersell (I think), Alynnia80 ( I know so), and/or ME~! Pokemonher01 (I think <_< >_> did I get kicked out?)~!

Jams Will be line up to the Left and Soloist will line up to the Right~! (Have one memeber line up in the Soloist line so you know when your Jam is going to play)

The Concert Will be Tomorrow May 23, 2015

5 PM PST/8PM EST to 6:50PM PST/7:50: EST


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-Cries- The concerts are always in Alexina...I'll just have to do a one person show as usual. by myself in a dark corner.

​That's so sad D: make an Alt in the Alexina server I'd be happy to put your MML's into Scrolls

That's what r1 Composing is for Q~Q

Share your music and listen to ours even if it's an Alt to just listen to Concerts and perform

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