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Belvast exspanding?!

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You know how there's that big blank patch in Belvast called Tory Ravine.  I think that there might be an expansion in the next few years or so, All the signs are there.

I've been looking into the idea and this is what I've found so far:

1. Big blank space in the map

2. Brifne rocks (a drink in the pub on Belvast)  Comes from a mountain range that doesn't exist. (yet)

3. little to nothing happens in Belvast (might be taken as its not completely finished)

What do you think? Do you think that there is a possibility of an expansion?




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I mean it's a possibility they can I mean Nexon loves playing with maps and content. In my experiences Nexon always like to add more to the map when they can like in Maplestory, before Kanna and Hayato they didn't have a map to that area and with Angel Buster and Kaiser they added a whole new world, then with the Forgotten Hero character they added a 3rd world. Then also when Zero came out there's another alter dimension world. I doubt they will add a bunch of Chaos like they do in Maplestory even though I love it I really do. There's always possibilty they will make that area in this whole new entire thing

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if anything i think it should be an open pvp battleground lol

but since that probably wont happen it will probably be a new place for all those people over 8k to grind and train and just murder things for the hell of it

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I wouldn't put it past DevCat to even forget Belvast exists entirely. I sometimes forget Belvast exists, myself.

​I know right. The part of Belvast that you can go around looks unfinished. :01145202-2-159B8:

Like how the trees are placed there are some characters that have no text of point. Then there is the space near the moon gate that looks like someone was going to make a garden or fountain.  I wish I had the ability to "spruce up" Belvast and make it look even better.

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heck tbh some of scathach area actually looks unfinished and badly textured. but thats just my opinion

​There's actually lore behind that.

The land used to be pure but due to the corruption of the soul stream by Milletians it somehow affected the land and turned it into a radiated waste land.

So they are basically using that as an excuse. Which is why you may find it hard to navigate around Scathach. Then there's Tory Ravine where Balor and his tower is supposed to dwell in. Balor is the Fomorian King from Celtic Mythology in case you didn't know. He's also the grandfather of Lugh, the Knight of Light and father of Lugh's mom whose supposedly a goddess?

Well I don't remember much of it now since it's been a while so you are gonna have to look this up if you are interested. Every name and place has a story behind it.

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