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Mod it till it breaks!

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If you just now found out who the fuck Dunkey is, you were missing out your entire life :cowboy:

Nah, already knew Dunkey :happy: but was talking to a friend who had never used mods in his life on Skyrim before, which came around to me posting this~

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I typically mod Skyrim and Left for Dead 2.  :bingo:

Skyrim mods include:

Spiders to Drauger and Skeevers (I'm terrified of spiders ^.^" ), Amazing Follower Tweaks, Become a Bard (that one's fun), Younger Breton Females, a myriad of hair mods, The Eyes of Beauty, Star Wars Cantina Music, and Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe.

Left for Dead 2 mods include:

Team Health Counter, Minecraft Special Infected, Minecraft Zombies / Deathcraft Zombies, Po Pi Po Boomer Juice, almost all of CaptainBigButt's Vocaloid Tda Append models, The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (for Coach), Duke Nukem model (Coach), Scout Blu Ellis model, Scout Voice Pack 1 (Ellis), Skyrim Tank music: compatibility version (Dovahkiin theme), and IA Concert.

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Just Skyrim usually have a large variety of "body mods"... like SoS :D? Get it? But in all seriousness if yourryour not into men don't bother, but yeah I basicallly make my skyrim immersive af, stuff like cbbe, unp, and websites like loverla... nvm make skyrim an enjoyable immersive experience.... jks... plz don'tvisit those mods/websites, anyway in honesty some immersive mods would be Ineeds, frostfall (immmersive carriages ; think it was called, made carriages actually go around skyrim and not just fast travel,) also have a bunch of great mods to give immersiveness to a more select rp character e.g. gypsy eye caravan, for whenever I want to be a gypsy, but if your looking for mods you can on websites like skyrim nexus (obviously) steam workshop (but really don't) if you want more armour mod oriented mods, "skyrim modtype" is one ccareful may have some "bikini armour mods" and finally "dragonporn"despite its name it is a legit SFW website that has a bunch of good mods) then there'd the one that must never be named,

in addition there's some other sights I use but they're in korea and cant remember, also I think its jackGa's blog.

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