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  1. Zunqivo

    Pokémon Black & White: Emotion

  2. Zunqivo

    Puzzle and Dragons - A New Journey

  3. Zunqivo

    Puzzle and Dragons - Departure

  4. Zunqivo

    Undertale: Undertale

  5. Zunqivo

    Namco X Capcom: Brave New World

  6. Zunqivo

    Fire Emblem Awakening: Conquest

  7. So some guy named Tosukeno from Alexina saw an apparent lack of a global Mabinogi Discord server, so they went ahead and made one! It's a small server for now, but hopefully it'll grow into something big!For those that don't know what Discord is: (It also doesn't eat up your computer, like Skype does! And you can join in using a smartphone, too!)I'm not Tosukeno, but here's what they said on the initial reddit thread for the Discord server: Please check it out!
  8. Zunqivo

    Madoka Magica: Connect

  9. Zunqivo

    Naruto: GO!!!

  10. Title. If songs can be simply upvoted (similar to reddit), there would be more of an incentive to upvote songs that they like. Currently, barely anyone gives 5-Star reviews, and if they do it's usually either 5-Stars or 1-Star (this is why YouTube changed their rating system from a 5-Star rating system to a Like/Dislike system). And if they do just rate 4 to 2 Stars, at least in my opinion, I would feel a little hurt By displaying the reputation/upvotes on a song by default, there would be more people seeing good songs that people have posted and overall create a more relaxed community, I hope.
  11. Zunqivo

    [Fulfilled] Request Song~ Stronger then you Steven Universe

    Guess who uploaded it a score of it 3 hours ago Here it is, if you can't wait for the SSR to approve it: (Rank 3) [email protected]>d+d+d+8d+8r8d+d+d+d+8r8.d+d+d+d+d+d+d+8d+d+d+8fd+d+8d+d+8d+d+fd+8d+8d+d+8.r8fd+d+d+d+d+d+d+f8fd+8.rd+d+d+ffd+d+d+d+d+8d+4r8ffffd+8d+8d+d+d+8d+d+l8rd+d+d+d+16d+d+4&d+16rd+d+d+l16d+d+8d+4&d+fd+fd+fd+fd+f8g4fd+fd+fd+fd+fd+c8d+4cd+fd+fd+fd+fd+f8g4cd+f.fd+.f.fg.f8d+8gfd+dc8ccg8a+a+g4gfd+dc8c8g8a+a+g8gfg8fd+c8cccg8a+g8fd+fd+f8f8d+f8d+g8f4fl8d+.c4cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g1&gr4cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g1&gr4cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g2c16c16cd+fd+4.cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g1&gcc16cd16d+2&d+dd16dn58g4&g16fd+fd+16fgfd+.cn58c<a+16b+a+g2&g16>c16ccdd+.c4.d16ddn58g4&g16fd+fd+16fgfd+.cn58c<a+16b+a+g4.l16&g>cd+fd+fd+fd+fd+f8g4fd+fd+fd+fd+fd+c8d+4cd+fd+fd+fd+fd+f8g4cd+f.fd+.f.fg.f8d+8gfd+dc8ccg8a+a+g4gfd+dc8c8g8a+a+g8gfg8fd+c8cccg8a+g8fd+fd+f8f8d+f8d+g8f4fl8d+.c4cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g2c16c16cd+fd+4.cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g2c16c16cd+fd+r4cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g2c16c16cd+fd+4.cgf.a+.g4.cgf.d+&d+16c4&ccgf.a+.g1&g,v15l2o2g+g>ca+4f4<g+gb+1g+g>ca+4f4<g+gb+1g+g>ca+4f4<g+g>c1fcb+cb+cc+cn32a+n32a+n32a+<g1g+l8.g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fl1c&c8n32fa+cn32fa+cl2fcb+cb+cc+cn32a+n32a+n32a+<g1g+l8.g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8<g+2g>fc2&c8a+4.<g+2&g+8g>fc1&c8,v15l2<d+dgg4d4d+dg1d+dgg4d4d+dg1d+dgg4d4d+dg1b+gg+gfgg+gd+gd+gd+gd1d+l8.ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddl1g&g8d+dggd+dggl2b+gg+gfgg+gd+gd+gd+gd1d+l8.ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8d+2ddg2&g8g4.d+2&d+8ddg1&g8; I mean, sure, there is no Fantastic Chorus to it, but it's a solo piece that sounds really good in game! I hope you like it! EDIT: Hey look, it uploaded! http://mabibeats.com/solos/tvandmovies/steven-universe-stronger-than-you-r1003/
  12. Zunqivo

    Steven Universe: Giant Woman

  13. Zunqivo

    Steven Universe: Stronger Than You

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