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Viersell's Selling List

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Selling List:
34: Finest Shadow Mission Crystals
Talvish Set (Minus Wig) 
Chinese Dragon Armor (Human) 3/3
Chinese Dragon Helm (all) 4/3 Sold
Tara Infantry Armor (Giant)
Old Saint Nick Suit (M) boots (M)
Lorna Bag Vocher
Dragon Scale Giant Armor (Female)
2: Tybalt Wig
Safety First Swimsuit (M)
Men's Spade Oufit
Women's Heart Dress
Lovely Snowflake Suit (M)
Vintage Dragon Felix Helm
Kendo Club Bodken Sword.
Zorro Suit (F)
Padan's Suit (M)

Juilet Wig
Girl's Wig Sold
Tara Infantry Helm (Giant)
Thames Plate Helm 1/2
Battle School Eyepatch (F)
Alpaca Mascot Mask
Police Officer Boots (F)
Tara Infantry Boots (Human/Elf M)
Shooting Star Robe
5: Rainbow Sheep Boots
2: Holiday Joe Gift Pieces
3: non dyeable Rainbow Sheep Jumpsuit (Robe)
2: Dyeable Sheep Jumpsuit
Untamed Spike Devil Slayer
Common Fabric Pouch
Fine Silk Pouch
Lich Crocodile Barbaric fox scythe R1


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Some items Sold
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I have 25k atm and thats obviously not going to cut it for the bag :escape: but when I get the chance I'lI have  look if I could trade if you were open for it if not I don'tt think im getting a large amount of money any time soon :dark: so it might be a miss for me also what the dimensions of the bag?


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