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Ch 6 Concert [Alexina]

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A little reminder that there's going to be a concert in approximately 30 minutes. It would be nice if everyone can come. :happy: Time is 5PM PST/ 8PM EST.

Although I cannot contact with our Host for the concert (Viersell) We still have have the same exact rules applied for tonight's concert.

The rules are simple:
1: No overplaying
2: In the back of the stage make a single file line
3: No fights

I hope everyone can come and enjoy the love of music <3


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Tonight concert: Same as before invite friends, bards, lovers of music.
Rules no overplay, respect to all the guests and performers, No PVP/EVG
Single lines for jams or solos out back of stage, no line cutting

Emain Macha Concert Stage Ch 6 Alexina:
8pm est time to 10pm est with a  small after party to follow.

Host: Viersell

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Thank you to Lynn for hosting in my place, Pokemonher01 fro helping bring this audience, Kyubeii for joining us lending his input and advice, Kura and everyone else that helped.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there and help and play with you all. I had some last minute family matters come up. I am thankfully home now. 

Thank you all again for helping!

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