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Is known to avoid all pokemon masters (except Karinzuki of Ruairi). I'm also known to make MMLs from time to time. I do post other people's work on occasion (though never without their express permission). This is only when they've quit playing Mabi for the most part because it's a pity when a skilled bard's work disappears merely because they moved on to other things. 

My tastes in music are eclectic but I usually enjoy anime and video game music. I have well over 2000 MMLs in my collection, most of them garnered from MML sites similar to this one when they were working. I don't tend to listen to pop music often and can most often be found listening to film soundtracks and broadway tunes (and singing along in some cases.) 

Anyway I figured it was well over time to at least introduced myself here as several of my posts have already been verified. I can already see some of my friends here, and a few people I've noticed from other sites.

Ciao for now, Kyandoru of Ruairi.

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Come to think of it, we haven't had any pokémon trainers around here yet, so you should be safe for now! :bingo: 

Welcome to our community! I'm sure you'll feel right at home amongst our weird funky, floofy, wimsy and witty bundles of internet people! :hi: 

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